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Alcohol's Effects On Picking-Up Mature women

by Tomas Kukic


I'm not a big drinker. However, I will have a few drinks when I'm out with my buddies. If you've been one of my loyal readers since the beginning, then you know that somewhere down the line, I said that whether you drink or not should not matter when picking up mature women. I am now ready to retract that statement.

I was out tonight, and my first set opened really well (an easy number close), because the alcohol's effects had yet to hit me. And then later on in the night, I opened another set. Alright, so this was a bad set to open, as the girls had seen me hovering with the guy I was teaching at least three times(He had approach anxiety, and I couldn't get him to approach. After I realized that he wouldn't approach, I approached them anyway, just to prove a point about me not giving a fuck, and talking to mature women even when I know that the odds are stacked against me.). Anyhow, I approached with my material, they opened well, as they weren't expecting me to say what I had said, but then I totally blew myself out near the end.

Why did this happen? Because of the alcohol. It delayed my response time, and caused me to forget some of my material. By the time I had approached that set, the alcohol had taken full effect. When your knowledge of game is so deep that you know how to deal with nearly every situation that you're going to encounter with a woman, you need absolute sharp tact and infomation recall skills when executing it in the field. And for the first time, I was actually conscious of the effects alcohol had on my pick-ups.

So why wasn't I aware of these effects before? Because prior to significantly minimizing my drinking habits, I pretty much just got drunk, ran very loose game, and got lucky with mature women due to the happy go lucky vibe I had put out and being a good-looking guy. When you're decent looking and always chipper, you're bound to pick up a few mature women, as long as you can remember a few gaming basics.

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However, as I tell my friends, now that I have stepped up my game exponentially, I believe that I can have almost any woman that I want. And to be able to say that requires me to absolutely know my shit from start to finish in it's actual execution while out in the field. I've reached that critical point where I am actually a better gamer when I'm sober than I am when I'm drunk. When I'm sober, I know that I know my shit, so I find great comfort in knowing that, but if I'm drunk, I can't rely on my ability to recall the correct information in a timely manner, hence, the reason why I experience a much higher level of approach anxiety when I'm drunk.

I know that a lot of you drink to get over your approach anxiety; almost all of my friends do. However, they don't have much success with mature women, because they're just being random, going into sets all gung-ho, and then not getting laid by those girls. It's a surprise that I had as much success as I did when I use to get wasted and then game.

It's going to be more difficult initially, but you're better off learning the game in a sober state than you are by relying on alcohol. When you're drunk, you're going to make a lot of stupid mistakes. Sure, you may feel really good when you're in that set, due to the alcohol, but unless you're really good-looking, you won't have much success actually getting a chance to sleep with those girls. Gaming sober may sound more difficult because it doesn't aleviate approach anxiety the way alcohol does, but would you rather be all chipper due to alcohol and be able to approach a bunch of sets that go nowhere, or do you actually want to sleep with the mature women that you approach? Gaming sober allows you to do the latter.